An old person sitting next to a table.

Coronavirus infections in the Kivelä and Kustaankartano senior centres

Seven residents and three employees of the Kivelä senior centre have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. All the infected residents live in the same unit. The first case was detected on 26 September.

The majority of the infected have received two vaccines. Symptoms of the infected are mostly mild.

All residents of the unit have already been tested for the coronavirus. Employee testing has also started.

Coronavirus situation at Kustaankartano

Nine residents and one employee have been infected in the Kustaankartano senior centre. The first case was detected on 28 September.

All residents of the units in question have also been tested for the coronavirus in Kustaankartano. In addition, employee testing has started. 

Protective measures in place in both senior centres

Both in Kivelä and Kustaankartano, the units in which coronavirus infections have been detected have been put under lockdown. At the moment, no new residents are being admitted to the units.

The infected residents are being treated in quarantine-like conditions in their own rooms. The well-being of all unit residents is being closely monitored.

Next of kin have been notified. At the moment, visits to these units are not possible, but next of kin may contact residents by phone, for example.


The administration of COVID-19 vaccines started in nursing homes in early 2021. Currently, a third round of vaccines is being administered in nursing homes to the elderly who received the first two vaccines with a short interval of less than six weeks at least six months ago.