A nurse walking outside Laakso hospital

Coronavirus infections at a ward in Laakso Hospital

Coronavirus infections have been found at ward 10 in Laakso Hospital. Six patients have been infected. The first infection was diagnosed 25.11.

All patients of the ward have been tested for coronavirus. The whole staff of the ward will also be tested.

As a precautionary measure the ward has been isolated and the patients are treated in their own rooms. The nurses are wearing full corona protection equipment. New patients are not taken into the ward at the moment.

– We take the situation seriously. We have followed the protection instructions closely at all times, says the medical doctor of the hospital Laura Pikkarainen.

We have contacted the relatives of the infected patients and told them about the situation. Relatives can’t visit the ward at the moment.

– We are looking for the source of infection, but we don’t yet know more about it, Pikkarainen continues.

Laakso Hospital has wards for acute geriatrics, trauma rehabilitation, follow-up rehabilitation of patients with a cerebrovascular disorder, and treatment of infections. In addition, the treatment of patients with severe corona has been centralised to Laakso hospital. Laakso has in total 302 ward places. The hospital area also includes Laakso corona health station, a lending station for assistive devices, a geriatric outpatient clinic, services related to substance abuse and psychiatry, and an imaging unit of HUS.

 Picture: Marja Väänänen