Koskela hospital area.

Coronavirus infections diagnosed at Koskela senior centre

Nine residents of Koskela senior centre have been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. The people infected are from the same group home. The first four infections were diagnosed on Tuesday 12 January.

All residents of the unit were tested for the coronavirus immediately after the first infections were diagnosed. Five infections were revealed in the mass and additional testing. All employees in the unit will also be tested for the coronavirus.

‘The Epidemiologic Operations Unit quickly arranged for the residents to be tested. Now we are doing everything we can to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in the senior centre,’ says Service District Director Helena Venetvaara.

All residents of the group home in question will be treated in quarantine-like conditions as a precaution, and the nurses will follow precautions against droplet and contact transmission. The loved ones of the group home’s residents have been informed of the situation.

Visits to the group home in question are not possible until further notice. Loved ones are encouraged to contact the residents by phone, for example.

‘Even though coronavirus vaccinations for the residents have already begun, we want to remind all visitors that it is still very important to follow the visiting instructions. We are all responsible for ensuring that visits are safe for everyone,’ Venetvaara points out.

Picture: Seppo Laakso