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Coronavirus exposure at Kustaankartano Senior Centre – the protective measures are working well

One resident of the Kustaankartano Senior Centre was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection on 13 September. According to the estimate by epidemiologic operations, 19 residents and two employees might have been exposed to the coronavirus. All residents and employees have been tested.

During testing no new infections were found among the residents. One employee was, however, diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. The infection is suspected to be transmitted from the diagnosed resident.

– According to our assessment, the infection has not originated from among our employees, and has most likely been transmitted during a visit. It’s very important that we all take the time to follow the protective measures when we visit the elderly, says the Chief Physician of the epidemiologic operations, Sanna Isosomppi.

As a safety measure all the residents have been ordered to quarantine for two weeks. If possible, they are treated in their own rooms, and nurses follow safety precautions to prevent droplet infection and touching.

Visits to the ward are forbidden at the moment. The relatives can, however, be in contact through e.g. video calls.

The protective measures have worked well

Employees have carefully followed the protection instructions. 

– Regardless of the exposure no new infections have been detected among the residents during the coronavirus screening. This shows that the protective measures have worked well, Isosomppi says.

Picture: Hanna Hänninen