Birch and Kontula Senior Center.

Coronavirus exposure at Kontula Senior Centre’s group home

The City’s Epidemiologic Operations unit estimates that 17 residents and 8 employees may have been exposed to COVID-19. The exposures are limited to a single group home. One resident of the group home was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection on 18 August.

All of the people who may have been exposed have been ordered into quarantine for two weeks. In practice, this means that all of the residents of the group home in question will be cared for in their own rooms insofar as possible, with caregivers employing precautions against droplet and touch transmission.

The health of the quarantined residents will be closely monitored. All of the unit’s residents and staff will be tested for the coronavirus.

“Protection guidelines have been thoroughly followed at Kontula at all times and the situation in regard to protective equipment is currently good,” says Service District Director Maritta Haavisto.

The loved ones of all the people who may have been exposed have been contacted and informed of the situation. The loved ones of other residents have also been informed of the situation.

Visits to the group home is question have been prohibited until further notice. However, loved ones can still contact residents via video calls, for example.

Photo: Marja Väänänen