Do you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus?

What to do if you suspect have contracted the coronavirus

Updated on 19 March.

If possible, make a coronavirus assessment on

You will get instructions on the grounds of your symptoms. 

Symptom assessment (in Finnish and Swedish)

If you have mild symptoms, stay at home

In most cases, the infection is healed within a week at home, without medical care. The symptoms can be eased with painkillers.

If your symptoms require treatment

If you do not manage with self-treatment, ring Helsinki Coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 310 10024 (weekdays 7-20) and at other times the Medical helpline, tel. 116 117.

Symptoms of respiratory infection, which need medical treatment, are that the overall condition gets worse, a clearly prolonged fever and shortness of breath.

In case of emergency, please call 112.

All coronavirus patients are treated at Laakso and Malmi - call first

All Helsinki patients needing medical assessment of their respiratory infection are directed to corona health stations. Patients with respiratory infection symptoms are not treated at other health stations.

Call first the Coronavirus helpline or the Medical helpline. You will get instructions on telephone.

At corona health stations, clients are treated in order of medical urgency without appointment.

Laakso corona health station
Lääkärinkatu 8 R
weekdays 8 - 18                                         

Malmi corona health station
Talvelantie 4
weekdays 8 - 18

Coronavirus samples will not be taken from all patients

Coronavirus samples will only be taken from risk groups. Samples will be taken at HUS based on the assessment of HUS Doctors of infectious diseases.  

What to do instructions in other languages (pdf), updated 19.3.2020

- French: Veuillez procéder ainsi si vous soupçonnez avoir été contaminé.e par le coronavirus

- Somali: Sidan samee, haddii aad ka shakiso, in aad qaadday fayruska Korona

- Russian: При подозрении на коронавирусную инфекцию действуйте следующим образом

- Turkish: Koronavirüse yakalandığınızdan şüpheleniyorsanız ne yapmalısınız

- Sorani: ئھگھر گومانت کرد کھ تووشی ڤایرۆسی کۆڕۆنھ بوویتھ، بھم جۆرەی خوارەوە بکھ

- Arabic:

افعل كما يلي، إذا كنت تشك بأنك ق د أ صبت بالعدوى بفيروس
- Dari:

اگر شک دارید ک ویروس کرونا به شما سرایت کرده است،

اینطور عمل کنید