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Corona certificates easily from Kanta

The EU corona certificate was taken into use 14 July. Helsinkians get their corona certificates in an electronic format from the national My Kanta service (kanta.fi). The certificates can be saved e.g. on your phone or laptop.

The EU's corona certificate is visible at My Kanta once you have received a coronavirus vaccine. The certificate shows the production name of the latest vaccine, the date it was given and the number of doses. If you have received two vaccines, only the name of the latter one will show.

You get the EU’s test certificate in My Kanta once you have been tested and received the test result. In My Kanta the latest test result is shown first.

You will receive the EU’s certificate of an infection at My Kanta once you have had the infection and the infection has been verified with a positive PCR test result. A quick test (antigen test) is not enough to prove that you have had an infection.

The EU’s corona certificate has a QR code that you might need when you travel and cross borders.

If the certificate is not visible in Kanta or you are not using Kanta

Some of those who have been vaccinated, tested or had the infection have not received the information in Kanta. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Many people are asking for the certificates and this causes congestion at the health care services. If the certificate is not necessary, please wait patiently. The information can be added to Kanta with a delay.

If necessary, you can ask for the city’s vaccination certificate from the vaccination point. Missing or incorrect information on the EU’s certificate can be corrected by calling the appointment booking for coronavirus vaccines, tel. 09 310 46300. Information about the vaccine will show in My Kanta within about five days.

The certificate of a negative test result can be found at Kanta as well as MyCovidData website (www.koronatietoni.fi/en/, HUS) A certificate of a negative test result can also be requested at your own health station, for example through Maisa.

A certificate of a coronavirus infection can be requested at the Epidemiologic operations, tel. 09 310 51222, or at your own health station. An isolation decision can also be used as a certificate of a coronavirus infection.

The City of Helsinki provides the certificates in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Does the certificate work during travel?

Each country has its own requirements for travellers. The certificates mentioned above do not necessarily work when you travel. We recommend that you check the travel requirement of the country you are going to.

More information at My Kanta website.