A woman uses hand sanitizer.

City of Helsinki to start COVID-19 vaccinations today

The vaccinations of Helsinki’s social and health care professionals will begin today on Monday. In accordance with the national policies, the first vaccines will be administered to care workers who treat COVID-19 patients – e.g. the personnel of the Laakso and Malmi corona health stations, Helsinki City Hospital’s COVID-19 wards and the first aid unit of the Helsinki Rescue Department.

Vaccines will be administered for the duration of the week and thereafter as more inventory becomes available. On Monday, slightly more than 200 health care professionals will be vaccinated.

“It has been our aim to begin vaccinating care workers as soon as possible. This is an important step towards overcoming the coronavirus epidemic. That said, it will not have any immediate effect on the day-to-day activities of health care workers. Professionals will continue wearing protective equipment at work, as has been the case so far,” says Director of Health and Substance Abuse Services Leena Turpeinen.

According to the current estimate, the vaccination of Helsinki residents will begin in February at group vaccination points, immediately once coronavirus workers, care workers and care home residents have been covered. Elderly persons and those suffering from illnesses that increase the likelihood of the severe variant of COVID-19 will be first in line.

Vaccination appointments can be made through the electronic appointment booking system or by calling the appointment booking number. These will be communicated separately.

“We are currently expecting the vaccines. It is not possible to make a vaccination appointment at the moment, but we will be providing more information once we receive the vaccines,” Turpeinen says.

“Despite the fact that the vaccination process is now under way, the coronavirus epidemic is far from over. It is extremely important to adhere to the guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by washing your hands, observing safe distances, wearing a mask and getting tested and staying home in the event of symptoms,” Turpeinen explains.