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Children aged 5–7 can get COVID-19 vaccines at family centres

Starting from 18 January, children aged 5 to 7 will be vaccinated at the Itäkatu Family Centre (Tallinnanaukio 1) and Kallio Family Centre (Toinen linja 4 C). The vaccination is by appointment. The quickest way to book an appointment is to visit You can also book an appointment by calling 09 310 46300 (weekdays 8:00–16:00).

If the child has had a coronavirus infection confirmed by a laboratory test, vaccination is recommended at the earliest 6 months after the confirmed infection.

Consent of both guardians is required for vaccinating a child

Vaccination requires the consent of both guardians. If the child comes in for a vaccine only with one guardian, a written consent form signed by the absent guardian must be presented. The consent form can be printed from the THL website by clicking here (in Finnish).

Vaccination requires a valid form of ID

In order to get a vaccine, the child’s identity must be proven, for example, with an ID card or Kela card.

Children aged 5–7 will get the Biontech-Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine intended for this age group. More information on vaccines is available on the THL website. Getting a vaccine is voluntary and free of charge.

Pupils in grades 1–5 can get a vaccine at school or family centres

Pupils in grades 1 to 5 can get a vaccine at school starting next week. No appointment is needed for getting a vaccine at school. Pupils in grades 1 to 5 should primarily get their vaccine at school. If a guardian of a pupil in grades 3 to 5 wants to accompany the child or if the pupil is not at school at the time of the vaccination, they can get a vaccine at the Itäkatu and Kallio family centres by making an appointment.

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