Changes to Myllypuro, Kontula and Kivikko Health Stations

Renovation of Myllypuro to be completed in 2021. Alteration works have been underway at Myllypuro Health Station since spring 2020. Due to floor problems discovered at the health station, the renovation will continue until early next year, deviating from the original schedule. We apologise for the prolongation of the renovation and any momentary disturbances it may cause in the Myllypuro building. Myllypuro’s services will remain unaffected during the renovations.

According to the current estimate, extended opening hours (weekdays 7:00–20:00) will be introduced at Myllypuro Health Station at the turn of next year.

In addition to the current renovation, Myllypuro Health Station will be expanded in the future in such a way that the building will accommodate the services planned for Kontula Health Station.

The need for an expansion is related to the plans to renew Kontula Shopping Centre, which include tearing down the old Kontula Health Station building in roughly five to ten years. The expansion of Myllypuro Health Station will be completed in five to six years.

Renovation of Kontula

The scope of Kontula Health Station’s renovation was decided with consideration to the overall situation. The alteration works will be carried out on a smaller scale than originally planned. The agreed alteration works will improve the conditions and safety of the health station’s interior. The start date and overall schedule of the renovation will be specified later in the summer.

Kontula’s services will remain unaffected during the renovation, with the exception of social services for young people, which will be transferred from Kontula to Myllypuro Health Station at the turn of next year.

We apologise in advance for any momentary disturbances that may be caused by the upcoming renovation at the health station.

The services of Kontula Health Station will be transferred to Myllypuro Health Station once the previously mentioned expansion of Myllypuro Health Station is completed. In conjunction with the planning process, it will be determined whether a local service point will be retained in Kontula.

Kivikko Health Station will remain in operation for a few more years

Deviating from the original plan, the services of Kivikko will not be transferred to Kontula Health Station due to the smaller-scale renovation. The services of Kivikko Health Station will remain in Kivikko until the previously mentioned expansion of Myllypuro Health Station is completed, after which the services will be transferred to Myllypuro.

Residents involved

Kontula, Kivikko and Myllypuro Health Stations are part of the future Myllypuro Health and Well-being Centre. The social and health care services in the area have been planned together with the residents. We want to continue this cooperation, which is off to a good start.

Once the coronavirus situation allows, we will once again be holding resident meetings, walking tours and workshops. Contact us at You can also submit feedback at Thank you!

Coordinated service for you

In addition to health station services, the health and well-being centre will also offer social services for young people and adults, dental care, psychiatric and substance abuse services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, services for the disabled and laboratory services, for example.