Book your coronavirus test appointment online

Anyone suspecting they may have contracted the coronavirus may now book an appointment for a coronavirus test online by completing the symptom survey at You can also request a test by calling the coronavirus helpline or Medical Helpline.

Symptoms of a COVID-19 infection include fever, coughing, sore throat, symptoms of the common cold, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell and taste, diarrhoea or abdominal pain.

“I want to encourage residents of Helsinki suffering from symptoms typical of a coronavirus infection to seek testing,” says Department Director Leena Turpeinen.

“Electronic appointment booking makes access to coronavirus testing quicker and easier. You can complete the symptom survey online any time of day. Of course I am also glad that our experienced staff are freed up from appointment booking to perform other tasks,” says Medical Director of Health Stations Timo Lukkarinen.

Coronavirus tests booked online are administered at Cultural Centre Stoa in Itäkeskus. The Stoa sampling station is open on weekdays and at weekends.

You must book an appointment with the Stoa sampling station

Stoa is located in Itäkeskus at Turunlinnantie 1.

Map on Itäkeskus area and Stoa marked there.

Sampling is open 8–18 on weekdays and 11–18 at weekends.

The tests will be performed in Stoa in the premises of the community college. Entrance to the sampling station is not through the main entrance to the library, but the side door. There are instructions on how to get to the sampling station at the main entrance.

Please come to the test on time. A security guard will let you in to the sampling station.

Another way to access a coronavirus test is to contact the coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 310 10024 (7–20 on weekdays) and the Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117, at other times.

All residents of Helsinki with respiratory tract symptoms or need for a doctor’s assessment are referred to the corona health stations in Laakso or Malmi. Other health stations will not treat anyone with respiratory tract symptoms.

Map: Service map/OpenStreetMap

Updated the 20th of May regarding the changed opening hours during the weekend.