The Rescue Department trains at the Vuosaari power plant on 14 April

The Helsinki City Rescue Department is organising a disaster training at the Vuosaari power plant owned by Helen Oy, on 14 April between 10 am and 1 pm. The disaster scenario is a fire in a 3,000 m3 light fuel oil tank, from which wind would be spreading smoke towards the Vuosaari harbour. The disaster scenario used for the disaster training has been presented in the power plant’s safety report.

In addition to the Rescue Department and Helen Oy, people from the Vuosaari harbour of the Port of Helsinki Ltd, the Helsinki police department, the Kerava Emergency Response Centre, the Helsinki Road Traffic Centre, and an executive assistance department of the Finnish Defence Forces from the Santahamina Guard Jaeger Regiment are participating in the training. The Defence Forces are to assist the police in traffic control.

You can follow the progress of the training event live on the Rescue Department Twitter (@brankkarit).

The disaster training is based on the Rescue Act and the Ministry of the Interior decree on external emergency plans for sites that cause particular danger. Disaster trainings are organised every three years. 

Further information:

External emergency plans (in Finnish)