Helsinki Rescue Department gives five ambulances to Ukraine

At its meeting on 28 November 2022, the Helsinki City Board decided to donate five ambulances of the Helsinki City Rescue Department to the Ukrainian rescue services. The Rescue Department has overhauled, repaired and equipped the ambulances being donated, four of which are 2016 models and one is a 2014 model. The value of the donation is approximately EUR 60,000.

Ambulances are used for the rescue services’ daily alarm tasks for about three years, after which they serve as backup units for three to five years. After this, vehicles are usually sold at auction. The ambulances now being donated have last served as backup units.

“There is a great and constant need in Ukraine for rescue and emergency medical services vehicles, equipment and supplies. The ambulances being donated were going up for auction, as we recently replaced some of our fleet. The proposal to donate the ambulances came from our personnel, and we were happy to prepare the donation and related decision-making,” says Rescue Commander Jani Pitkänen.

The Ukrainian rescue services have a constant need for assistance and equipment due to the war. The Helsinki City Rescue Department already sent one aid package of equipment and supplies related to rescue and civil defence operations to Ukraine in April 2022. The Ministry of the Interior, Department for Rescue Services, coordinates Finland’s civilian assistance to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and delivers donations to Ukraine.