Bird house at Helsinki City Rescue Department.

Bird houses on fire stations in Helsinki

The Helsinki City Rescue Department has launched an extensive complementary building programme in order to build one new dwelling on the plot of every fire station. The new facilities are opened today on all of the eight Rescue Department fire stations in Kallio, Erottaja, Haaga, Käpylä, Malmi, Melllunkylä, Herttoniemi, and Suomenlinna. This action confirms the joining of the Helsinki City Rescue Department to the One Million Bird Houses initiative.

Each bird house is equipped with the Rescue Department logo and the address of the dwelling, in order to ensure privacy for the new residents and prevent unauthorised visits to the nests. A home in the immediate vicinity of fire stations offers the best in security services for the inhabitants.  Carpenter Tapio Mämmi and animal rescue specialist Vesa Nurminen are responsible for the design and construction of the Rescue Department bird houses. The staff at the fire stations are to place the new dwellings in the best available locations today, after which they are ready for the inhabitants to move in.