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Applications accepted to Helsinki Rescue School’s first responder programme

Helsinki City Rescue Department’s Rescue School now accepts applications to the first responder programme. The total number of students admitted to this degree programme is 15. The students are trained as safety experts qualified for demanding tasks in accident and emergency prevention, preparedness, civic defence, rescue operations and medical first response in Helsinki.

The degree programme begins in September 2017 and ends in autumn 2019. The degree consists of a rescue diploma and a first-level medical response diploma. Once qualified as firefighters and medical first responders, the graduates become employees of Helsinki City Rescue Department in accordance with anticipated personnel needs.

The programme accepts applicants who meet the formal requirements for admittance. Their qualifications for the degree studies and future duties are assessed with the help of physical and psychological aptitude tests. Success in firefighting and medical first response duties requires multiple skills to operate in wide-ranging and demanding assignments, both as members of supervised teams and independently and creatively. Rescue and medical first response operations require especially social skills and empathy.

Helsinki Rescue School’s first responder programme has regularly received a large number of highly qualified applicants. However, applicants have been quite homogenous in terms of their origins. As a result, Helsinki City Rescue Department encourages applicants of multicultural origins and women to apply. As the Helsinki population becomes increasingly multicultural, the city needs to employ staff that reflects this multiculturalism and possesses diverse cultural skills, in order to serve citizens as well as possible.

Applications accompanied by all required attachments must be delivered by 15:45 on 1 February 2017.

Instructions for application and the application form (in Finnish):

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