Nuorten Ääni tackles many current issues in reports published in the Finnish mainstream media.

Youth media office moves to Töölö, welcoming new young members

The editorial board of Nuorten Ääni – Young Voice – has moved to a new office at the Töölö Sports Hall. This Helsinki youth media outlet invites young people to join the media and democracy education activity organized by the Helsinki City Youth Division. 

Nuorten Ääni tackles many current issues in reports published in the Finnish mainstream media. One of the reports by Nuorten Ääni published in the media during the past year discussed the treatment of young workers in the TET workplace training programme designed to acquaint students with workplace practices through assignments with local employers. Other topical reports by Nuorten Ääni discussed why it is difficult to talk about psychological problems with friends, and what would be the right way to help Roma beggars. 

The ideas for Nuorten Ääni reports come from young people, who also produce the reports. The format of reports can range from print media articles to videos to blog posts. The editorial board strives to gain visibility for the perspectives of young people in social questions. The editorial board partners with Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the national broadcasting company Yle, the commercial television station MTV3 (“Maikkari”), and the weekly news magazine Suomen Kuvalehti. The young reporters of Nuorten Ääni are assisted in the editorial work by two professional reporters. 

The Nuorten Ääni editorial board has launched the spring 2020 season at the Töölö Sports Hall, sharing the office with the Helsinki youth representative body Youth Council. The editorial board invites all young people interested in the media and youth participation to join Nuorten Ääni as a hobby. All young people aged 13–20 and residing in the Helsinki metropolitan area are welcome. No previous experience is needed to join, and new members learn all necessary skills and techniques by working with others. There is no charge to join and to carry on with the Nuorten Ääni activities. No registration is required to join.  

The Nuorten Ääni editorial board meets at the Töölö Sports Hall, Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 c, 5th floor, on Monday evenings from 17–19. The first meeting of the spring season will be held on 3 February. New members are welcome to join any meeting! 

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