Yle and the city of Helsinki encourage Finns to be active at home during the coronavirus epidemic.

Yle and Helsinki bring activating Workout moments to weekdays

Yle and the city of Helsinki encourage Finns to be active at home during the coronavirus epidemic. The Workout moments that start on TV2 and Yle Arena on 6 April enable daily activities and maintenance of the ability to function during the exceptional situation.

The on-going coronavirus epidemic may quickly reduce the mobility, increase loneliness and lower the ability to function. Especially elderly people need help, routines and things to do in the current situation. The Internet is full of home workout instructions, but not everyone can find the contents on the web. Instead they want contents in the form of televisions broadcasts.

“At Yle, we have received dozens of wishes and ideas from both private persons and organisations, concerning the physical activity of elderly people who are staying home. It is great that we can work with the city of Helsinki to meet these needs on a rapid schedule and arrange things so that people can maintain their own coping and physical ability to function by means of the TV, even several times a day”, notes Panu Pokkinen, Head of Sport and Events at Yle.

“We have received a huge amount of requests from the city residents about producing workout instructions and videos now that the sports facilities and services are closed. Normally, our physical education instructors give dozens of exercise classes per week for people of all ages. Especially the elderly Helsinki residents have expressed wishes concerning television broadcasts on Yle. We are happy that we have found a way to bring together the knowledge of Yle and our sports services. Despite the exceptional situation, it is important that being active is easy and fun. By means of our collaboration, we bring the workout facilities directly to the living rooms”, says Tommi Laitio, executive director of Helsinki’s culture and leisure division.

The Workout moments are led by the city of Helsinki's physical education instructors and the ten-minute episodes offer exercise moments that are easy to follow at home especially for the elderly and for people working from home, who need break activities. The Workout moments are broadcast on TV2 on weekday mornings at 8:50 a.m. starting Monday 6 April and as reruns in the afternoon the same day at 3:50 p.m. The workouts of the entire week are repeated on Saturdays around noon.

All Workout moment episodes and other exercise contents are also available for viewing at Yle Arena. Episode-specific written instructions are published on Text TV page 600 and on the Yle Sport website.

The contents of the Workout moments have been designed to be suitable for a large part of the Finns, regardless of the starting level or condition. Different alternatives of the same exercise are offered to the people working out at home. Each Workout moment also has its own theme, in order to make the hints as diverse as possible.