There’s no holiday like a winter holiday

Winter break is here – are you ready? We have put together an extensive range of activities for people of all ages to enjoying during their winter break. There is a lot to see, experience and do in Helsinki during the winter holiday week 22.–28.2.2021. The schedule includes virtual pastimes and tips for outdoor physical activities, among other things. You can also find fun things to do without leaving your sofa! Discover your favourite activity at

Local ski trails and skating rinks await but orienteering and snow art workshops are also available

The current thick snow cover in Helsinki is bliss to all local residents interested in outdoor recreation. If you have not skied recently or would like to introduce your offspring to the wonders of cross-country skiing, watching an instructional video on the basics is a great way to start. Thanks to the low temperatures, the city-maintained artificial and natural skating locations are also in excellent shape. In addition to this, instructional videos are available on the basics of skating.

To find ski trails and skating rinks near you, visit the website. You may be surprised by the amazing sports and exercise opportunities that Helsinki offers its residents! The map provides information on the location and condition of nearby ski trails and skating rinks. The information on the site is updated on a daily basis. Outdoor activities are of course available in the centre of Helsinki, too. For example, you learn about the Kruunuhaka district’s last 100 years of history. The works included in the ‘Krunikan kortteileissa’ photography exhibition are displayed on the switchboard cabinets in the Kruunuhaka district.

Fun urban orienteering activities, which take smarts and sharp eyes, is also available in the snow-covered Helsinki. Pick up a map and instructions or download them online, and go find the control points hidden in the winter wonderland. Would you care for a plate full of glistening snowdrifts, a magical and colourful snow-covered fell or a floating piece of pillowy snow? Visit the Unelmalumitehdas! take away workshop, which is arguably the best art event of the winter break period. Pick up a free bag of snow painting supplies and join the remote workshop for some frosty fun!

Photography, CakeMasters and the Talvituuba online talk show

What does day-to-day living look and feel like during the coronavirus pandemic? What is different from before? This winter break, you can explore these questions through photography by participating in the ‘Fr – for real’ photography project, which explores the experiences of young people during the coronavirus outbreak. The curated online exhibition will be published on the Stoa website after the winter break. The project will be organised remotely.

The CakeMasters competition, which has been planned and prepared by young people, will involve three regional contests and be organised remotely. The best cakes in the regional contests will win prizes, and they will also enter the final vote on the @operaatiopulssi Instagram page.

Talvituuba is a streamed talk show for young people during the winter break. The topics discussed include activism, sports, music, literature, current affairs and young people’s Helsinki. Guest include young people and professionals from various fields, such as novelist Katja Kettu, ice hockey player Anton Lundell (HIFK), film director Jenni Toivonniemi, and musicians Notkea Rotta (Atomirotta) and Karoliina Niskanen (a.k.a. MC Lehmä).

Sculpting techniques, live or streamed music, ball games, yoga, ballet and much more

Helsinki Art Museum’s streams provide introductions to sculpting techniques and portrait drawing, among other topics. The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra offers musical experiences in the form of live streams and recordings suitable for all ages. The Alppimuisto concert recording blends techno and Baroque music.

You can also take part in guided dance, aerobics or yoga classes directly from your home when it best suits you. The EasySport videos aimed at children under school age children offer indoor and outdoor physical activities that develop basic motor skills. Tiivistämö’s dance classes combine the joy of doing things together with others and engaging in various forms of high-energy street dance.

The ‘Kulisseissa’ documentary programmes of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet provide glimpses into the people and life behind the scenes. On the virtual stage of the National Opera and Ballet, you can also watch and listen to full-length performance recordings aimed at children. In addition to this, dance lessons provided by the National Opera and Ballet are available online. The videos cover home ballet lessons, physically engaging dance, and activities guided by the one they call the strongest in the world – can you guess who?

Reading tips, classic games and an e-sports tournament

The ‘Pelin Paikka’ stream recordings provide introductions to classics of PC and console gaming. Explore Half Life, World of Warcraft and many other games with the City Library’s Heikki Marjomaa.

Tiivistämö Winter Games is an e-sports tournament culminating in streamed finals. Anyone aged 13–18 can participate in the tournament. The games that will be played are Fortnite (duo) and Overwatch. The event will also feature top pro gamers Laura “Lapa” Kyntäjä and Petja “Masaa” Kantanen. On Friday 26 February, e-sports coach Niklas Hirvelä will tell you how you can become a pro gamer!

In 2021, the range of Helmet library challenges also cover music, film and games, in addition to reading. The library’s boardgame tips can take you on a journey without leaving your table. The Helmet reading diploma provides reading tips for readers of all ages. Even if you do not wish to complete the diploma, you can still find books that may interest you. Reading Coach Junior offers book tips and can recommend just the right books for you. For example, you can subscribe to e-mail coaching or order a bag of books to be picked up from the library.

Virtual winter break for young people – see you on Discord and Instagram!

Familiar youth workers will be available during the winter break through the youth centres’ Discord and Instragram channels. Visit them to engage in the vital discussion and a variety of activities, such as gaming and quizzes with other young people and youth workers. Links to the channels can be found in the Instagram profile of each youth centre.

The profiles also list the telephone numbers for the youth workers. If you find yourself bored or need someone to talk to, you can call them or send them a WhatsApp message. If you would like to talk anonymously to a reliable adult or join a group chat with other young people, you can join the Sekasin chat.

The programme for the winter break period is available online at

The entire offering of activities for the winter break period has been compiled on the website. The program is subject to change.

Effective coronavirus restrictions

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, City of Helsinki’s winter break programming will largely focus on online events and outdoor activities. The latest details of effective restrictions and recommendations are available at

Published 15 and updated 19 February.