Women is swimming in Jakomäki swimming hall

Tickets for womens swimming sessions at Jakomäki swimming hall will be bookable online

Jakomäki swimming hall holds popular women’s swimming sessions on Tuesdays. From Tuesday 31 August 2021 onwards, the tickets for the women’s swimming sessions will be bookable online at https://ssl.eventilla.com/cal/jakomaenuimahalli. Only a limited number of customers are accepted for the women’s swimming sessions in Jakomäki. Previously, queuing was the only way of receiving a spot at a session. The new online booking system reduces the need for queuing, among other benefits. At the first women’s swimming sessions, staff will be on site to help customers with advance booking.

Tickets booked for the women’s swimming session are presented to the staff at the door, and the admission fees are paid at the counter. The accepted payment methods at the swimming hall are card payments, cash and vouchers. We recommend using a serial ticket or a monthly pass card for women’s swimming sessions to prevent long queues.

A ticket entitles the user to spend two hours in the swimming hall. Please exit the shower facilities 15 minutes before the end of your session. You can book tickets seven days before the next swimming session. You must be over 12 years of age to book a ticket. Tickets can only be booked for one session at a time, and one customer can book a maximum of five tickets. All customers must have a valid ticket for their swimming session when entering the swimming hall, including any children. All customers coming to swim unattended must be able to swim and be at least twelve years of age. One adult can bring a maximum of two children under the age of seven to the swimming hall if the children cannot swim. Boys are only allowed to come to a women’s swimming session if they are under the age of five.

During the swimming session, the swimming hall will only have female personnel, excluding the doorman. The doorman is male, but he will only enter the hall, shower and dressing facilities after the women’s swimming session has ended.

Women’s swimming sessions at Jakomäki swimming hall on Tuesdays:

at 14.00–16.00 (the session at the pools ends at 15.0; exit the shower facilities by 15.45; exit the hall by 16.00)
at 16.00–18.00 (the session at the pools ends at 17.30; exit the shower facilities by 17.45; exit the hall by 18.00)
at 18.00–20.00 (the session at the pools ends at 19.30; exit the shower facilities by 19.45; exit the hall by 20.00).

A maximum of 30 customers will be accepted for each session, for the time being. Booking a spot for a swimming session is binding. In case of a sudden hindrance, you must cancel the booking.

The ticket-booking website https://ssl.eventilla.com/cal/jakomaenuimahalli is accessible in Finnish, Swedish, English and Somali.

The indoor sports facilities of the City of Helsinki follow the current official guidelines and health and safety measures. In practice, this means measures such as minimising contact, maintaining good hand hygiene and keeping a safe distance from others. Wearing a face mask is recommended for everyone over the age of 12 when indoors, unless there is a health-related reason that prevents it. A face mask does not need to be worn during exercise. Furthermore, please only stay in the locker rooms and toilets of the indoor sports facilities for as long as is necessary.

More information about Jakomäki swimming hall

From now on, the spots at women’s swimming sessions in Jakomäki are bookable online at https://ssl.eventilla.com/cal/jakomaenuimahalli

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff!

Foto: Konsta Linkola