The legendary Töölö Sports Hall is set to be renovated. Photo: Monifoto oy

The legendary Töölö Sports Hall is set to be renovated

Töölö Sports Hall was completed in 1935, after which it served as a stage for the Olympics and an exhibition hall. In 1975 it became fixture in the lives of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Since the 70s, apparatus gymnasts, fencers, ball game players, martial artists, street dancers, independent trainers and fitness enthusiasts have formed just some of the users of the hall.
After decades of frequent use, it is now time to refurbish and modernise the facilities, as well as update our concept of what sports look like now and in the future. Our goal is to make Töölö Sports Hall a place that inspires the residents of Helsinki to exercise and provides functional premises for athletes for the coming decades.

The Töölö Sports Hall renovation needs assessment is being compiled by the Culture and Leisure Sector in autumn 2019, and the start of project planning is scheduled for early 2020. We are involving the current and future users of Töölö Sports Hall in all phases of the project. The purpose of participatory planning is to design the Töölö Sports Hall premises and services to meet the needs of as many types of athletes as possible.

Come and share your thoughts on what you like or dislike about the current facilities, and what exercise and sports in the Sports Hall could be like in the future.
TIME: Tuesday 12 November 2019, 17:30–19:00
LOCATION: Töölö Sports Hall, Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 F (directions provided in the lobby)
REGISTRATION: by 8th of November at

Executive Director of the Culture and Leisure Division Tommi Laitio, Sports Director Tarja Loikkanen and other personnel from the City of Helsinki’s Sports Services will also participate. Coffee and savoury snacks will be served at the event.

You should also respond to the ‘The Töölö Sports Hall renovation – what would you do?’ online survey and tell us what you think Töölö Sports Hall should be like in the future

Respondents may enter a raffle to win one of ten Helsinki product packages (incl. a tote bag, a Mizu drinking bottle and two movie tickets).

The phases of the Töölö Sports Hall renovation according to current plans:
needs assessment 8/2018–12/2019
project planning, planning 1/2020–12/2022
construction 1/2023–8/2025