Fire performance of the Group Belenos.

The ‘Kaamos – Polar Night Surprises’ event brings you light and joy from 20 to 28 November 2020

In the middle of the darkest time of the year, 20–28 November, Helsinki offers more than a week of outdoor experiences to all residents, free of charge. The Kaamos events bring surprises and joy to everyday locations, offering reasons for going out and stopping to enjoy new experiences. Around the city, you can enjoy sound and light installations, fire performances, dance, open-air films, orienteering in the dark and music.

You can come for a show that interests you especially, or just stop for a while when passing by. The programme consists of short performances. There are several shows offered of all performances.

The programme entity is implemented in collaboration with the culture, sports and arts sector in Helsinki. In the autumn, the City of Helsinki held an application round for the Kaamos programme, which produced almost a hundred programme ideas. Of these, 14 works and performances were selected for implementation.

The main event venues are Kansalaistori Square in the inner city, Sitratori Square in Kannelmäki, Stoa Square in Itäkeskus, and Ala-Malmintori Square in Malmi, but the events will also spread to other locations, such as Suvilahti where the steel gas holder will start ringing.

“We are extremely happy that we can bring light and joy to the residents in the darkest time of the year through this Kaamos event. It’s also important that event producers and artists in Helsinki get a chance to perform and see their audience in a safe setting. With this, we are also supporting the operators in the arts and culture sector in these exceptional and difficult times,” says Project Manager Mari Kauppinen.

The events are held outdoors, and the COVID-19 restrictions and safe distances are taken into consideration. The programme is open to everyone and all the outdoor experiences are free of charge. See the city come to life!

Kanneltalo, Sitratori Square 20–21 November
Oodi, Kansalaistori Square 22–23 November
Stoa Square 25–26 November
Malmitalo, Ala-Malmintori Square 28 November

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Fire performance of the Group Belenos. Photo: Mikko Strandberg.