The Jumppahetki home aerobics show returns to TV2

The popular Jumppahetki home aerobics show is returning to TV2’s broadcast schedule. The programme will initially continue with old starting from 21 September, and new episodes will begin airing on Monday, 15 November. The episodes will be aired on weekdays at 08.50, with repeats at 12.50. The shows can also be viewed through the Yle Areena streaming service.

Since the spring, Yle and the City of Helsinki have encouraged Finns to exercise in their homes during the coronavirus pandemic. The ten-minute Jumppahetki sessions were incorporated into the TV2 morning shows in the spring and gained popularity right away. The show’s record has been almost 300,000 viewers per week.

Yle and the City of Helsinki have received a lot of feedback on the show, and many viewers have requested its continuation. Jumppahetki has been a lifeline for a lot of people who were forced to limit day-to-day exercise and other activities as well as contacts during the coronavirus emergency. The Jumppahetki sessions enable us all to keep up with daily exercise routines and maintain our functional capacity from the comfort of our homes.

Over the course of the autumn, the well-loved Jumppahetki hosts will be making 20 new episodes, which will begin airing on TV2 as of Monday, 16 November. The programme will feature familiar faces to host the sessions and, as was the case in the spring season, the themes will vary daily, involving muscle fitness exercises and stretching.

All Jumppahetki sessions have been designed to have one of the hosts performing slightly easier versions of the exercises sitting down, for example. The other host will perform the more straining version of the exercises. This enables people of all ages and fitness levels to engage in daily exercise and get a nice energy boost at the start or middle of their working day. All episodes are viewable through the Yle Areena service.

The Jumppahetki sessions released so far can be found on Yle Areena