Swimming Stadium and Kumpula outdoor swimming pool to open in May

Outdoor swimming pools are an essential part of the summer in Helsinki. The opening of the Swimming Stadium signals the beginning of the summer. The swimming season starts in May and continues until September. The Swimming Stadium is open from 15 May to 11 September 2022 and the Kumpula outdoor swimming pool from 22 May to 21 August 2022. The opening day of the Swimming Stadium features a DJ playing appropriate tunes.

This year, traditionally opened on Mother’s Day, the municipal sector strike postponed the opening for a week. The filling of the pools will start on Tuesday 10 May. The filling will take about 4 to 5 days, with the subsequent heating of the water to 27 °C taking about 5 to 7 days. Therefore, the water may be slightly colder than 27 degrees on the morning of the opening day on 15 May.

Through extensive renovation work, the Swimming Stadium has been prepared in tip-top summer condition. The stadium’s public and interior spaces have been painted respecting the original Olympic colours. The seating area has new seats, and the dressing, shower and sauna rooms have been renovated. There’s a new outdoor floorball rink at the southern end of the Swimming Stadium, and you can loan sticks and balls against a deposit. The area also features a versatile outdoor gym with David equipment, basketball and beach volley courts, ping pong tables, an indoor gym, a giant chess area and children’s play areas, all familiar from the earlier summers. You don’t have to go hungry at the Swimming Stadium. There’s a new café restaurant entrepreneur with a tasty new menu.

Kumpula outdoor swimming pool also in mint condition

The sympathetic Kumpula outdoor swimming pool with its indoor and outdoor facilities is also in tip-top shape for the summer. The basketball court has been renovated and equipped with new height-adjustable hoops. Kumpula also features a high-quality outdoor gym with David equipment, a ping-pong table, a picnic area, children’s play areas and a boxing ring available for training against a deposit. The signage has been renewed, and there’s a new waste sorting point for the customers. Kumpula also has a new café restaurant entrepreneur with an updated menu.

You can buy season cards valid for 120 days both to the indoor swimming pools and other City of Helsinki sports facilities. The 120-day and other serial and monthly cards are sold at the outdoor swimming pools and in Töölö Sports Hall, Liikuntamylly fitness and exercise centre and the Itäkeskus, Jakomäki, Pirkkola and Yrjönkatu swimming halls.

Outdoor swimming pool charges:
– one visit €5.50
– 10 visits €44
– 1 month (30 days) €44
– season card (120 days) €132
Children (7–17 yrs.) and others
– one visit €3
– 10 visits €24
– 1 month (30 days) €24
– season card (120 days) €72
War veterans, children under 7
– free of charge

Outdoor swimming pool opening hours
Mon-Sat 6:30–20:00
Sun 9:00–20:00
The cashier closes and entry time ends at 20:00, swimming time ends at 20:30 and washing time at 20:45. Customers must leave the area by 21:00.