Photo of a beach, filled with people who are sunbathing. Image: City of Helsinki.

Swimming etiquette – read the beach safety guidelines

Beaches and outdoor swimming pools in Helsinki opened on 1 June, and we are expecting a record number of people to visit them this summer due to cancelled travel and summer plans. According to current information, it is not very likely that you will catch the coronavirus by swimming in natural waters. The risk of infection is mostly associated with close contact between swimmers. It is important to comply with general hygiene and safety instructions to prevent the virus from spreading at pools and beaches. The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation (SUH) has published safety guidelines for swimming:

• If you are ill, stay home!
• Avoid crowded beaches.
• Enjoy beaches with your family and friends, but keep a distance of two metres from others on the beach and while swimming.
• Cough and blow your nose into a tissue at the beach. Remember good hand hygiene at the toilets, outdoor exercise premises and children’s playgrounds.
• Look after the environment. Put rubbish into a bin or take it with you.
• Read the information board at the beach and act accordingly. You can always ask the lifeguards for help.

Swim safely
• Keep children within arm’s length of yourself.
• Swim along the shoreline; pay attention to the swimming area.
• Go swimming with a friend.