Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool

Sale of e-tickets to Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool reopened

The sale of advance e-tickets to Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool has been reopened, with tickets now available for purchase in advance for the next two weeks and for the Moonlight Swim.

Advance tickets can now be purchased for the following days

- Mon–Fri 20–24 July at 10.30–14.30
- Mon–Sat 9 27 July–1 August at 10.30–14.30

Also available for purchase are tickets to Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool’s traditional Moonlight Swim on Fri 21 August at 20.00–23.00.

The sale of advance tickets always ends 30 minutes before the end of the entry time, i.e. at 14.00 on each day and at 19.30 for the Moonlight Swim.

Advance tickets to Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool offer stress-free entry to families with children, for example, because those with advance tickets are entitled to enter the pool without waiting in line. Up to five adults’ and children’s single tickets may be purchased at a time. There are three types of advance tickets: adults’ tickets (5 euros), children’s tickets for 7–17-year-olds (2.50 euros) and children’s tickets for 0–6-year-olds (0 euros), which must nevertheless be booked in the webstore if the party includes children under the age of six.

The sale of advance tickets to Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool is a pilot project carried out to collect customer feedback for the development of online payments in sports services.

The online payment experiment is an exceptionally quick and agile pilot project by the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division and part of the Division’s digitalisation programme. The development work is used to collect data and user feedback for the future, because Helsinki wants to become the world’s most functional city for culture and leisure. This project is made possible with the help of our cooperation partners: the online trade supplier Eventilla and payment transaction service provider Bambora.

Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool webstore

Further information

Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool pilot
Joonas Kinnunen, project planner, tel. +358 (0)40 48 54 837, joonas.kinnunen@hel.fi
Katja Kuusisto, team leader, tel. +358 (0)40 70 66 697, katja.kuusisto@hel.fi

Foto: Aki Rask