Socks in rainbow colors.

Pride parade through urban orienteering

The Pride parade will not be held this year for to safety reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the spirit of Pride can still be seen and heard! The Pride orienteering course is designed and implemented by the City of Helsinki Sports Services. It consists of ten exercises that encourage visitors to learn about the themes of this year’s Pride and its history while also actively moving from one place to another – in their own way and with people close to them.

The exercises along the course are inspiring, challenging and rewarding. You can complete the course by walking or running or on a city bike or other form of public transport. It can also be done in parts. The course is built along the usual route of the Pride parade. It supports community spirit and physical activity through exercises that can be completed independently.
Due to the pandemic, the activities in summer 2021 work on a self-service basis: you can complete the exercises at the select control points safely and with the surroundings taken into consideration. Everyone can complete the route of the classic Helsinki Pride parade safely at their own pace.

Exercise 1: Senate Square
Go up the stairs however you like or take the ramp from Kirkkokatu and Unioninkatu and take a selfie in front of the cathedral to mark the beginning of your journey. You have completed the first exercise and you are excited to start the course in the spirit of #prideliikkuu

Exercise 2: Aleksanterinkatu
Before heading towards Mannerheimintie from the Senate Square, guess how much time it will take to reach the Mannerheimintie junction. Once you get there, rotate your shoulders and stretch your neck by rotating your head gently in both directions.

Exercise 3: Mannerheimintie
Draw a map of the pedestrian crossings you have to take during this exercise to reach the beginning of Eteläesplanadi. Cross as many pedestrian crossings as possible on your way and step on as many white lines as possible.

Exercise 4: Eteläesplanadi benches
Use the bench to perform the following 30 physical exercises to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Helsinki Pride community (originally known as Helsinki region Seta).
10 sit ups
10 side stretches
10 toe touches

Exercise 5: Statue of Runeberg
Go around the Runeberg memorial in your own way, but backwards.

Exercise 6: Kasarmitori
Say hi to the largest steel statue in Finland, the Lightbringer monument, in Kasarmitori. You can also see your own picture in the reflection on the pedestal, near or far. Lean against a wall or a pole at a 90-degree angle for a minute or two.

Exercise 7: Kasarmikatu surgical hospital
Guess how long it has been since homosexuality was declassified as a mental health problem in Finland. The correct answer can be found at What kind of thoughts do you have about this? Discuss the topic. Stretch your neck and shoulders while rotating your head from one direction to another while you discuss the topic.

Exercise 8: Neitsytpolku
The sidewalk next to Vuorimiehenpuisto is just high enough to stretch your calves on it. While you do this, you can discuss about how homosexual acts were removed as criminal acts from Finland’s Criminal Code 50 years ago. Read more about the topic in the Pride blog: (in Finnish). What should still be changed in the law?

Exercise 9: Kaivopuisto
Kaivopuisto is a popular meeting place for many young people. Did you know that Pride Helsinki also offers activities specifically designed for young people? Read more about the activities at (in Finnish). Celebrate Finland’s largest human rights and cultural event in your own way! Jump or do a cartwheel, for example!

Exercise 10: Kompassitori
Take a selfie and show how happy you are about completing the #prideliikkuu orienteering exercises with your body language and expression!