Young person drawing graffiti on the wall

Nuori Kulttuuri On Air event will celebrate young people’s art activities and bring them together in May 2022

The multi-art youth event, Nuori Kulttuuri On Air, will be held in May 2022 throughout Finland. The event’s purpose is to celebrate cultural youth work, along with art made by young people. Nuori Kulttuuri On Air and its new concept will replace the previous Loiste event. The event for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will be held at Tiivistämö, Suvilahti. The live event can also be watched online via Helsinki-kanava.

The event entity consists of satellite events held simultaneously in six cities. The evening will culminate in a live stream from Tampere on Saturday 7 May 2022. The common goal is to raise awareness of cultural youth work and young people’s art activities, as well as bring young people interested in culture together through their hobbies. The satellite events are unique live events in different cities: the events next year will be held in the cities of Tampere, Rovaniemi, Oulu, Mikkeli, Inari and Helsinki (metropolitan area). The term ‘satellite’ refers to the way young people and cultural youth workers from around Finland will be connected to form a single celebrating entity in a live broadcast from Tampere Hall, which will last a couple of hours.

The live show will include young people’s performances and video inserts gathered throughout the year, which will highlight the current phenomena in young people’s art activities and stories behind the activities. During the live show, we will also visit the satellite events and give awards to distinguished cultural youth work operators: individuals, groups and organisations.

Video applications for On Air in early 2022

Young people aged 13–20 have the opportunity to apply for the event’s video review using a shared application form. The format is video. Nuori Kulttuuri is challenging young art enthusiasts to innovate a way to showcase their own art form through moving pictures. In other words, the art form is not restricted, but the works must be displayed on video. The application period for the video review is 1–18 February 2022.

All works submitted to the review will be watched by an expert jury, who will also provide written feedback on the works. The performances may also be selected for the Helsinki satellite event of Nuori Kulttuuri On Air held on 7 May 2022. The expert jury of Helsinki consists of Yeboyah (Rebekka Kuukka), Mikko Von Hertzen and Marjaana Veikkanen.

After the review, the works will be displayed on the digital stage, which will be opened after the application period. Via the digital stage, the public can vote for their favourite, who will receive an award at the Saturday night live event in Tampere.

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