Visio Festival, photo: Iina Kaikko

New urban event venue Tiivistämö to open in Suvilahti

Tiivistämö is a place that offers inspiring cultural and artistic experiences, as well as the opportunity to organise events in high-quality and adaptable settings. Consequently, the autumn programme will feature events such as concerts, clubs, dance events and small-scale festivals. Yung Gravy, whose popularity is on a rising trajectory, will perform at Tiivistämö in November, marking the American rapper’s first performance in Finland.

- It’s great that a new facility for events was found in Suvilahti of all places. The City of Helsinki’s strategic policy is to develop the area into an internationally distinctive, permanent event area, and locating Tiivistämö, which is maintained by the City’s Youth Services, in the area supports this goal well, says Local Youth Work Manager Pekka Mönttinen happily.

Tiivistämö will carry the torch of the Gloria Cultural Arena, which closed its doors in March, and the opening of Tiivistämö will provide Suvilahti with year-round activities and more visitors. The programme production will be carried out primarily in co-operation with various communities, event organisers and artists. The events will be targeted especially at young people and young adults. In addition to events, Tiivistämö will provide event production-related internships for numerous young people interested in the field.

Tiivistämö Opening / Planet Suvilahti

Tiivistämö will be opened at the Planet Suvilahti event on 21 September. The event will usher all of Suvilahti into an autumnal atmosphere of experiences, providing plenty of things to see and do for children, young people and adults alike. The opening day will also kick off Tiivistämö’s first theme month: the Flowers of Life deco collective and video artist Matlock Visuals are designing an unprecedented installation combining light and video for the opening month. Over the course of the month, all events at Tiivistämö will take place within the three-dimensional world of this work.