Text of Nuori Taide Helsinki 2021 See the Sea - näe meri, koe taide. Apply now.

Joint exhibition by young artists at Kanneltalo gallery

This year, the title of the Nuori Taide Helsinki exhibition is ‘See the Sea – näe meri, koe taide’ (see the sea, experience art). The exhibition is inspired by the Helsinki Biennial art event to be held in the summer in the unique maritime milieu of Vallisaari. Now, we are inviting young artists to take part in the exhibition by commenting on and interpreting the theme using their preferred method.

Taking part in a joint exhibition gives many young people the chance to make their dream of exhibiting their art in a gallery come true. In previous years, the Nuori Taide Helsinki exhibitions have featured, among other works, paintings, sculptures, installations, performances, poems or music performances, graphic arts, photography and works that combine different fields of art.

At least one work will be selected to be showcased from every young artists chosen for the exhibition. Artists can register to be exhibited by 15 April, and there is a limited number of spots available. Further information and registration via e-mail: heidi.goransson@hel.fi

Summer of young art

In addition to the exhibition held at the Kanneltalo gallery, the Nuori Taide Helsinki 2021 event can be seen all around Helsinki, aiming to engage young people and challenge them to create art in all its different forms. Several, week-long art courses and other events will be held over the summer, as a part of this exhibition.

Nuori Taide Helsinki 2021: See the Sea – näe meri, koe taide is part of the Helsinki Biennial Inspired event ensemble. It got its inspiration from Helsinki Biennial’s title ‘The Same Sea’ and its content. Helsinki Biennial is an international visual arts event that brings outstanding contemporary art to maritime Helsinki every two years.

PLEASE NOTE! Nuori Taide Helsinki 2021: The special arrangements required by the coronavirus pandemic will be taken into account for the See the Sea – Näe meri, koe taide exhibition. We will notify the public of any changes separately.