In the summer, the cultural centres in Helsinki offer gallery exhibitions, workshops and city dances

The latest decisions of the Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group made on 10 June 2021 do not affect the cultural centres’ activities in the summer. The gallery spaces of the cultural centres are open. The diverse selection includes exhibitions inspired by the contemporary art event Helsinki Biennial, among others. The cultural centres offer plenty of outdoor activities in the summer, such as Annantalo’s summer yard, the city dances starting on 15 June, and workshops for children, young people and seniors. The concerts on Espa Stage continue weekly.

On Tuesdays in the summer, you can sing in front of a wild plant audience at Stoa Goes Weird greenhouse karaoke in Stoa square. On Wednesday evenings in the summer, you can create relaxed summery art instructed by Chloé Mahy-Hulkko. At Vuosaari House’s Vuotori Open Stage, you can create a little performance of your own using the idea cards available. You can learn city dances at Kanneltalo on Sitratori on Mondays in the summer. Exercise sessions for children and their families will be held in Malmitalo park on 17 June, 24 June and 1 July. The activities include orienteering, challenge courses and other fun activities to enjoy with your family. The most fun community garden in Helsinki will continue its growth outside Annantalo in the summer. The community garden is cared for every Tuesday at voluntary gardening sessions instructed by gardener Janne Länsipuro.

You can find more information about the summer activities on the websites of the cultural centres.

Photo: Virpi Peltola.