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Impact the City of Helsinki vision for arts and culture – tell us about your dreams!

What’s going on in Helsinki in 2030? What does the arts, culture and events scene of Finland’s capital city offer to residents and visitors? What types of things can you run into in Helsinki? Where in Helsinki? Helsinki invites everyone to dream about the arts and culture city of the future.

Helsinki has appointed a committee to prepare a vision for arts and culture for 2020–2030. In order to draft this vision, the committee wants to start a comprehensive and open discussion on the significance of arts and culture for the entire city. Whether you are a maker, hobbyist, visitor, experiencer or spectator of arts and culture, you are welcome to envision the future.

Tell us which ingredients the special and individual cultural scene of Helsinki is made of! You can describe an individual thing or idea that you would like to see become reality, or think big and draft a larger vision of your own.

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You can dream in Finnish, Swedish or English until 31 August 2019.

Further information

Aleksi Malmberg
Chair of the Helsinki Art and Culture Vision 2030 committee
+358 (0)9 3102 2701

Ulla Laurio
Secretary to the Helsinki Art and Culture Vision 2030 committee
+358 (0)9 3107 0137