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Helsinki’s summer 2021 makes children and young people move – adults can enjoy free-of-charge park exercise sessions and other outdoor activities

The children’s sports camps and courses, as well as other supervised activities organised by the City of Helsinki, return this summer.

“The coming summer is going to be exceptional, but despite this, we are able to offer children and young people a programme of fast-paced activities thanks to our experiences from the previous summer. Our summer activities will naturally be implemented safely and in compliance with any coronavirus-related policies, instructions and restrictions,” says Sports Services Director Tuuli Salospohja from the City of Helsinki.

In June, children aged 7–12 can enjoy versatile five-day sports camps in Myllypuro, Pirkkola and Töölö. Tennis courses are organised for 7–12-year-olds around Helsinki, and the popular canoeing courses for 10–15-year-olds will be held on Rajasaarenpenger as before. Children’s swimming schools are organised starting from June at Itäkeskus and Pirkkola swimming halls as well as at the Kumpula and Swimming Stadium outdoor swimming pools, if COVID-19 restrictions allow for swimming lessons in outdoor swimming pools. Sign up for these sports camps, tennis and canoeing courses as well as swimming schools on Wednesday 19 May by calling 09 310 28858 between 14:00 and 19:00. As of Thursday 20 May 9:00–15:00 you can enquire as to if there are available places on the courses by calling 09 310 32623 and as of 24 May by calling 09 310 87501.

In the summer, Sports Services will also organise EasySport sports camps in cooperation with sports clubs in Helsinki.

“These camps organised in cooperation with local clubs and associations are an excellent supplement to our programme. Ball games, gymnastics and fencing clubs in Helsinki, for example, offer versatile summer activities that take children’s wishes into account ,” Salospohja states.

You can sign up for these cooperation camps by contacting the club in charge of coordinating the camp. Additional information on camps is compiled at (in Finnish).

We have not forgotten young people or young adults in our summer programme; starting in May, in addition to EasySport camps intended for children, Helsinki organises free-of-charge FunActionsports for young people aged 13–17, and starting from June the programme will include exercise sessions in parks, outdoor training and outings. Similar activities are also offered to 18–29-year-olds in the form of NYT activities. You can learn more about the sports programme of FunAction and NYT sports in summer 2021 at and (in Finnish).

Registration for children’s sports courses organised by the City of Helsinki in the summer season
You can register for the activities starting from Wednesday 19 May by calling 09 310 28858. The service is open Wed 19 May from 14:00 to 19:00. Starting from Thursday 20 May, you can enquire as to if there are available places on the sports courses in summer 2021 by calling the following numbers between 9:00 and 15:00: Liikuntaluuri 09 310 32623 and, as of Monday 24 May, also 09 310 87501.

The popular park exercise and outdoor training sessions for adults start already in May

The popular, free-of-charge park exercise sessions return this summer starting from May. In addition to park exercise sessions, we also organise free-of-charge instructed outdoor sports, such as Nordic walking, training sessions in the forest and outdoors, and exercise dance classes.

“We were able to put together quite a comprehensive outdoor exercise programme for adults and seniors, when the current COVID-19 restrictions let up a little. That being said, our outdoor exercise sessions also comply with current COVID-19 instructions – safe distances and hygiene guidelines included,” Tuuli Salospohja says.
All summer park exercise sessions organised by the City of Helsinki and instructed outdoor training sessions have been compiled at (in Finnish).

Please note that schedule and other changes to the summer 2021 instructed sports programme are possible.