Swimming Stadium

Helsinki’s outdoor pools and swimming halls will open with special arrangements 1 June

Swimming stadium, Kumpula outdoor swimming pool and Pirkkola swimming hall will open according to normal
summer schedule starting 1 June and Itäkeskus swimming hall on 8 June with special arrangements and limited
access. The number of people in the premises is limited to 500 at the outdoor swimming pools, 200 at the Itäkeskus swimming hall and 150 at the Pirkkola swimming hall, including staff members. The cafés, outdoor playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment and pools will be open, except for the children’s pool at the Swimming stadium. The Yrjönkatu and Jakomäki swimming halls are closed during the summer as usual. The Pirkkola Plotti will not open this summer due to the planning of renovations required by the authorities.

Outdoor pools will open 1 June respecting the regulations set by the authorities. In accordance with the guidelines, the safety at the outdoor pools will be ensured in the current situation by limiting the number of people allowed at the premises and taking care of safety distances and hygiene. For outdoor pools, the number of customers is limited to 500 (including staff). The recommended swimming time is two hours, which is used to ensure that as many people as possible have access to the services. The customers will be informed on the swimming time limitations and other restrictions upon arrival. Saunas and gyms remain closed for the time being. The children’s pools at the Swimming stadium will not be opened on 1 June, as the renovation of the pools has been delayed due to difficulties in delivering tiles caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The Kumpula outdoor pools are open as usual.

In addition to access restrictions, the number of users in each pool will be limited according to the size of the pools. Swimming supervisors monitor the number of swimmers in the pools and instruct the customers when needed. This summer, no seasonal passes will be sold to the pools due to the restrictions and exceptional arrangements. Only one-time tickets and 10 times serial cards are sold. Unlike in previous years, no card will entitle its user an entry past the queue, but regardless of the ticket type, everyone enters through the same queue. We wish customers have patience and take into account the special arrangements arising from an exceptional situation.

The Pirkkola and Itäkeskus swimming halls

In addition to the outdoor pools, the Pirkkola and Itäkeskus swimming halls will open in the beginning of June. Pirkkola hall will open on 1 June with an access restriction for 150 people (including staff) inside the hall. Due to the exceptional situation, the Pirkkola hall is expected to keep open throughout the summer. Conversely, the Pirkkola Plotti will not open this summer due to the planning of technical and structural renovations required by the authorities. The substructures and drainage of the Plotti will be renewed. The final repairs will be completed by the summer of 2021.

When the Plotti is closed, children and young people (under the age of 18) have free access to the Pirkkola swimming hall and adults for the price of a children’s ticket (€ 2.50). Itäkeskus swimming hall will open a week later on 8 June and access is limited to 200 people. The number of customers will also be restricted more specifically on an individual pool and sports facilities level. Restrictions will be changed and updated when necessary if the safe use of the facilities requires it. The Yrjönkatu and Jakomäki swimming halls remain closed for the summer.

More information

Petteri Huurre, Sports Facilities Manager, tel. 050 380 9935, petteri.huurre@hel.fi

Essi Eranka, Communications and Marketing Manager, tel. 040 568 1369, essi.eranka@hel.fi

Swimming stadium
Kumpula outdoor swimming pool
Pirkkola swimming hall
Itäkeskus swimming hall

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Foto: City of Helsinki