Helsinki distributes coronavirus-related grants to sports clubs

The coronavirus pandemic has weakened the operational capabilities of Helsinki-based sports clubs substantially. In its meeting on 8.12.2020, the Sport Sub-committee of the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Committee decided on the recipients of the coronavirus-related grant for Helsinki-based sports clubs and the targeted operating grant. The total sum of the grants issued was €178,101.

The coronavirus grant and targeted operating grant are to ensure the operational capabilities of clubs under the extraordinary circumstances and meet the City of Helsinki’s strategic targets to promote recreational and hobby activities among children, young people and families as well as reduce the prevalence of physical inactivity.

The Culture and Leisure Committee’s Sport Sub-committee allocated a total of €40,100 in coronavirus grants to eight clubs as follows: Barreto Helsinki ry €12,000, Helsinki Ringette ry €6,800, Itä-Helsingin Shakkikerho ry €100a, Nyländska Jaktklubben rf €2,500, Pakilan Voimistelijat PNV ry €7,000, Puna-Mustat ry €1,400, Sapa ry €9,000 and Uimaseura Helsinki ry €1,300.

Clubs can use the grant to organise free activities for children and young people aged 8–18 or families by means of traditional or new methods. In particular, the activities are intended to target families, children and young people whose access to hobbies has been impaired by the economic situation due to the pandemic or because of other economic reasons.

In 2020, the Sport Sub-committee of the Culture and Leisure Committee distributed €138,001 in targeted operating grants for tackling the economical and operational challenges caused by the closure of school gyms between 12 clubs as follows: EräViikingit ry €4,600, Helsingin Jyry ry – women’s division €900, Helsingin Palloseura ry €10,160, Kannelmäen Voimistelijat ry €10,000, Pakilan Visa ry €2,424, Pakilan Voimistelijat PNV ry €52,000, Pallokerho-35 ry €18,000, Puistolan Urheilijat ry €16,000, Puna-Mustat ry €1,400, Rock'n Roll Dance Club Comets ry €13,500, Suomen Taitovoimisteluklubi ry €3,500 and Tapanilan Erä ry €5,517.

The targeted operating grant is a general grant which is provided to cover deficits related to public interest activities that have been caused by the closure of school gyms’ evening and leisure use in the period 1.8.–31.12.2020. The clubs can decide on the allocation of the grants themselves.

The application period for the grants was 5.10.–1.11.2020. By the deadline, 12 and 16 applications were submitted for the coronavirus grant and targeted operating grant, respectively.

The grants will be paid to the recipients as a one-time payment once the decision-making process is complete.

In addition to the coronavirus grant and targeted grant, the Sport Sub-committee’s meeting issued a statement on the Culture and Leisure Committee’s 2012 profit budget and action plan, and decided on the cooperation criteria for large sports events and institutional sports grants for 2021. The full release on the Sport Sub-committee’s decision can be read on the City of Helsinki website

Photo: City of Helsinki / Konsta Linkola