The journey of FunAction has included many unforgettable milestones.

FunAction turns 10, celebrating anniversary at Liikuntamylly sports centre

The FunAction sports programme for 13- to -17-year-olds is proud to announce its 10th anniversary. The ten-year journey of the youth sports programme will be celebrated at the Liikuntamylly sports centre from 17:00–20:00 on Wednesday, 22 January, with a free-of-charge sports-filled event.

The FunAction birthday party is celebrated with indoor climbing, basketball, ping pong, badminton, strength exercises, body care, surprise happenings and other festivities.

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FunAction – what is it all about?

FunAction comprises low-barrier sports activities for 13- to -17-year-olds with various types of sports and in the company of friends and other young people without the pressures of competitive sports. FunAction is versatile and fun, and the sports classes are organized in cooperation with Helsinki sports societies. FunAction activities are always supervised by a professional sports coach, who can be a sports society coach. FunAction, which was launched in 2009, became an established City of Helsinki sports services operation in 2014.

The cost of FunAction to its young customers is only 25 euros per season (plus 4 euros for a rechargeable FunAction card for new customers). FunAction card holders can attend as many classes as they wish during a season – or all classes if they like. FunAction cards are sold at the Itäkeskus, Jakomäki, Pirkkola and Yrjönkatu swimming halls; at the Töölö and Latokartano sports halls; and at Liikuntamylly

In addition to regular autumn and spring seasons, FunAction sports activities also run through the summer season from May to August. Summer activities are free of charge.

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