There's no holiday like an autumn holiday

There is a lot to see, experience and do in Helsinki during the autumn holiday: the City arranges activities for both pupils and grown-ups between 12–16 October 2020. Activities will be available all around the city,– from garden orienteering around Vuotalo to a literary workshop about the Moomins and silent films in Oodi! Events will be held in museums, cultural centres, libraries, youth centres and sports facilities. The entire autumn holiday offering can be found on the website.

Museums will be open during the autumn holiday. Their numerous exhibitions offer topics for discussion and experiences. In the Helsinki Art Museum, visitors can explore, for example, the Genderfuck 1900 and Gustafsson&Haapoja: Museum of Becoming exhibitions, which examine gender roles and society from a non-anthropocentric perspective. Stoa's exhibition Free in no state demonstrates, among other things, the relation between marginal groups and mainstream society. Frescoes by the ever actual Tove Jansson can be admired in HAM Gallery’s renewed hanging. Vilho Lampi’s exhibition takes its subjects from Liminka.

In the Tram Museum and the Helsinki City Museum, visitors can travel into the past by having a seat in an old tram or a look at the 50’s style home displayed in the Select Pieces of Helsinki (Helsingin valitut palat) exhibition. The museum’s constant Time Machine exhibition uses new technology to bring to life Signe Brander's photos of Helsinki from a hundred years ago. During the autumn holiday week, a new exhibition will be opened in Villa Hakasalmi: Ismo Hölttö’s Encounters in the Helsinki of the 60’s (Kohtaamisia 60-luvun Helsingissä), which expresses a young artist’s views of his home town, its people and the entire era through the means of photography.

Outdoor activities will be available as well. Nostalgic glimpses of the history of Kruununhaka and of a changing urban environment will be present on today’s streets in the form of electrical cabinets covered with photographs. Maps will guide the exhibition’s visitors from one electrical cabinet to another. The Aurorankatu Traffic Park will offer family days during the autumn holiday, on which children can familiarise themselves with traffic through pedal cars. Garden orienteering with or without guidance will be possible in the gardens of Annantalo, Kanneltalo and Vuosaari House. Playground Loru at the Central Library Oodi will also offer orienteering, with animals as the main subject. The Mustikkamaa Edible Park offers art creation out of recycled materials and a common meal based on waste food. The camp centre Furubacka in Vartiosaari offers a two-night autumn camp for upper comprehensive school students around the subjects of touring, adventure, discovery and the strengthening of one’s relationship with nature. The Fallkulla domestic animal farm offers amusing animal-related activities for young visitors on each day of the autumn holiday week.

Events will be going on also in the Youth Centres: options include cooking, playing, dancing, creating choreographies and watching movies. Also various tournaments, mask workshops, skate clubs, trips and many other types of activity will be available. The Tattarisuo engine workshop will also be open during the autumn holiday. Podcast training will be arranged in Kipinä. The interactive autumn holiday chilling at Tiivistämö will be streamed online, featuring artists such as Seksikäs Suklaa, Sakkeking, Madboiali and MolyBros. The light workshop at Kannelmäki Youth Centre enables visitors to participate in the design and implementation of a light installation in Sitratori square, which will be revealed for the public at the end of October.

The Malmi Megahässäkkä event at Malmitalo will be the funniest youth event of the autumn holiday week. The best performers and most interesting action points offer activities for everyone. The Kanneltalo autumn holiday attracts young people with wishlist movies, a Harry Potter preparty and a sushi making afterparty. Films will be watched also in other cultural centres and libraries during the autumn holiday. Vuotalo, Malmitalo and Kino Regina at Oodi will be among the places to offer different kinds of films. Kino Regina will screen, for example, silent Chaplin films with live piano accompaniment. Kino Helios at Malmitalo will offer a special screening of the recently premiered film about Tove Jansson, TOVE, in the presence of screenwriter Eeva Putro.

The Moomins are the topic of a reading presentation and literary workshop intended for the whole family at Malmitalo, Kanneltalo, Annantalo, Vuotalo and the Central library Oodi. Visitors will be taken to the world of Tove Jansson’s Moominsummer Madness, and are allowed to present their own stories in speech, writing and drawing with the participation of the entire family.

The climax Annantalo’s autumn holiday program will be the National Fairytale Day, which will be celebrated on Satu’s name day at the end of the week. Annantalo will offer the awaited Unikuskit (Dream Drivers) performance, a lively and anarchistic theatrical adventure based on children’s dreams. If you like comics, you can make them on Vuosaari House’s Comics N-O-W! course, which covers also contemporary comics, brainstorming, scriptwriting and tool usage. Intergalactic activities for the autumn holiday will be available at the two-day Forward to the Galaxy! (Galaksille Mars!) course in Stoa. Space stations will be ready for the launch, and rockets fly high in the sky! The autumn holiday program of Stoa will include the Africa in East Helsinki event Wednesday to Saturday. There will be an African food bazaar, drum courses, afro dance, a gele (head scarf) tutorial, a panel discussion and a lot more.

If you're in need of something sweet and the kitchen feels like the place to be, you can combine these two on the most delicious course of the autumn holiday by making your own candies in Talvela primary school, Malmi. In addition, visitors can participate in a cooking battle, and prepare a three-course dinner without a recipe based on the contents of a mystery bag. In Tapanila library, visitors can shoot Tik Tok videos, create animations, check out optical toys and play together on a big screen, for example, using the library’s Nintendo Switch. The board games of the library will be freely available. The Rocket League autumn holiday tournament in Malmi library will also revolve around games. In Kannelmäki library you can make origami animals. In Töölö library, visitors can draw comics with the instruction of a comics teacher. If you're interested in illustration, it’s best to head for Vuosaari House, where there will be a four-day art course. Using the free-form Shared Illustration technique, visitors can create a work of art together.

At the Itäkeskus watersport days, you can kick off the autumn holiday already on the preceding Sunday. Attractions will include a Wibit Aguatrack, water gymnastics, standup paddleboarding, canoeing and mermaid swimming.
Liikuntamylly’s FunAction event for upper comprehensive school students offers, for example, climbing, strength exercises and stretching. Expect some surprise program as well!

The whole autumn holiday offering can be found at, where more detailed information on the program is also available. Events are free of charge to a large extent, with some of them requiring advance registration. Most of the events are in Finnish. The program is subject to change.

We have considered the safety of our customers during the coronavirus pandemic. All libraries, cultural centres, indoor sports facilities, museums and youth centres have adapted their operations so as to reduce close contacts, for example through spatial arrangements, plexiglass protection, group size reduction or increased self-service. Safe distances will be kept and the official coronavirus-related guidelines observed in the events and facilities. We recommend the wearing of face masks to our customers based on the guidelines issued by the National Institute for Health and Welfare.