Artificial turf planned for Herttoniemenranta sports field

The goal is to renovate the rock dust field at Herttoniemenranta into a multi-purpose field for practices and playing. The operator behind the project is the sports club Puotinkylän Valtti, who are suggesting that the club rent the area from the City of Helsinki and install artificial turf suitable for football on the field in spring 2022. Residents can view and comment on the plan on the website. The City of Helsinki Sports Services is also holding a discussion event on the topic for residents and other interested parties on Wednesday 29 September at 17:00–18:00.

The rock dust field at Herttoniemenranta currently sees only a little use. The purpose of the project is to renovate the field into a vibrant and high-quality field for practices and playing that serves the locals, in particular children and young people, as diversely as possible. Puotinkylän Valtti suggests the following:

• The City will rent out the Herttoniemenranta field to Valtti for about 20 years starting from 2022.
• Valtti will install an artificial turf mat sized about 9,600 square metres (80 x 120 m) on the field as soon as possible after the rental agreement has entered into force and by 1 May 2022, at the latest. Valtti also commits to buying the necessary additional goals and equipment for the area.
• The artificial turf will be filled with crushed rubber. The spread of the crushed rubber into nature will be prevented through necessary means (a cleaning area, recovery and reuse).
• Valtti will build the necessary maintenance facilities to ensure the quality of operations.
• Valtti will arrange on-call services for the field on weekdays and at weekdays in a manner agreed on with the City of Helsinki at a later date.
• To develop the field to serve the locals in the best possible way, local volunteers and operators will be involved in the planning. The project is supported by residents’ association Ankkuri (Executive Director Maaren Kemppi), Merituuli Daycare Centre (Director Johanna Leiponen), Satama Daycare Centre (Director Kaisa Rousu), Shopping Centre Hertsi (Shopping Centre Manager Hanna Feodorov), Herttoniemi Comprehensivechool, lower stage (Principal Anna-Kaisa Lindqvist) and Herttoniemi Parish (Vicar, Dean Markku Rautiainen).

The City of Helsinki’s Sports Services will hold a discussion event about the topic on Teams on Wednesday 29 September 2021 17:00–18:00. You can learn more about the plan below and submit questions and comments about it until 16:00 on Sunday 26 September 2021 via the service.
You can also register for the Teams event using this form . Registered participants will receive the participation link via e-mail by Tuesday 28 September 2021.

More information

Special Planning Officer
Kimmo Isotalo
City of Helsinki, Culture and Leisure Division, sports facilities

Photo above: Maarit Hohteri/Helsingin kaupunki