Boats at berth. Photo by Rene Röytiö.

Application process for winter storage spaces for boats and changing boat berths goes online

Applications for the City of Helsinki’s winter storage spaces for boats and changing boat berths can be submitted as of 10 June 2019 with an electronic form at Switching to the electronic application will not affect the processing of applications submitted earlier, and you do not need to re-submit any previous applications.

This is an extension of the boat berth search feature opened in January 2019, so many renters of the City’s boat spaces will already be familiar with the system. If you have questions about filling in the application form or need help with other matters related to the City’s boat services, please contact the customer service department for berth reservations, which is open 9–16 Monday–Friday in Töölö Sports Hall at Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 E. Advice over the telephone is available by calling 09 310 87900 at 9–14 Monday–Friday.

The electronic boat berth search feature is part of the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division’s ‘Vene Helsingissä’ project (2018–2020), which is focused on digitalising the services related to boat berths. The digitalisation of the services is being implemented in stages. The electronic boat berth search feature implemented between January and June 2019 is the first stage. In the next stage, invoicing will become electronic. The current customer information system will be replaced with a new digital system, the functionalities of which will be developed together with the staff and customers. Furthermore, the distribution of boat berths and winter storage spaces to customers will be automated, which will significantly speed up the process.

‘Helsinki aims to be the most functional city in the world with interesting, accessible and easily discoverable services. The core of this vision is the development of services with the communities that use the services, in this case the boaters of Helsinki,’ says Project Manager Suvi Ervamaa from the ‘Vene Helsingissä’ project. ‘Let’s make urban boating easier, more fun and more effortless together.’

Submit an application for a boat berth or a winter storage space online at

Further information on services offered to boaters by the City is available at