Ahti of maritime services is looking for successors

Ahti is a project launched in 2019 by the City of Helsinki and financed by the Innovation Fund to implement Helsinki's maritime strategy. It functions at https://ahti.hel.fi.

Ahti, developed by the City of Helsinki, has made it easy to find maritime services in the metropolitan area. It is an inspiring channel for visitor destinations and services, experiences and events in maritime Helsinki to be easily found in one place. Ahti contains over 600 different services. Through Ahti, a customer can search for a place to have lunch, boat services, SUP boarding or sightseeing by the sea.

Open data has been utilised in the Ahti service. Ahti has enriched connections to other systems, such as the myhelsinki.fi and satamapaikka.com interfaces. Entrepreneurs have been able to add themselves to the map for customers to find. The Ahti service also includes Espoo, Helsinki's coastal neighbour.

A comprehensive digital service package includes a service portal, search feature and directory. The original idea was developed through agile development methods and interaction with users and service actors. The service is available both on mobiles and through different web browsers, and does not require a separate app or sign-in.

Now is the time to enable Ahti to have the best possible successor at the Ahti Ecosystem Afternoon on 17 June, from 14.00 to 16.00

The financing for the Ahti project ended on 31 December 2020 and the City of Helsinki will maintain the service over the Helsinki Biennial art event until the end of the boating season 31 October 2021. The results and codes of the Ahti project are freely available for use by the entire field of maritime operators. The software is open source. Now a similar service has opened up for all those who wish to do so.

The focus of the development work remains a networked approach between different stakeholders and a combination of different tourism and mobility services. In the case of earnings and business models, an operator may be, for example, a start-up entrepreneur or a cooperative.

The transfer of ownership is expected to take place during autumn 2021. Ahti will remain in operation during the summer, which will ensure the continuity of services and the visibility of the operators in the spirit of Helsinki Biennial and the idea of the Innovation Fund: the aim is to renew maritime vitality.

The next step in the transfer process will take place on Thursday 17 June with the Ahti Ecosystem event, organised remotely from 14.00 to 16.00, to which partners interested in the further development of Ahti will be invited. It is also possible to develop your own business idea based on the Ahti concept.

The event will map the needs and will of the actors in the ecosystem network and promote solution options. A party interested in continuing Ahti can present their own business idea and proposal to the ecosystem.

Register for the remote event no later than by 15.00 Tuesday 15 June by e-mail: mia.marttiini@hel.fi. A Teams link for the event will be provided to those who have registered.

The aim is to ensure the most attractive service package possible for service providers, service producers and different end users. This is a great opportunity to influence where this maritime service is going. Welcome to develop and brainstorm the future of Ahti!

The event is in Finnish.

Photo: City of Helsinki, Maarit Hohteri