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50% of spring term course fees to be reimbursed in fees for autumn term courses

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the City of Helsinki Sports Services supervised sports courses were cancelled in spring 2020. The City has decided to grant a 50% discount on autumn 2020 course fees to customers whose courses were cancelled in spring 2020.

Enrolment and receiving the discount

  • The enrolment system will identify those entitled to the discount and the discount will be automatically applied in the system.
  • The 50% discount applies to the fees of the courses that were cancelled in the spring if you enrol by 2 October in the autumn term.
  • If you attended several sports courses in the spring term, you are eligible for the corresponding number of discounts in the autumn term.
  • Due to the exceptional circumstances, no fitness cards are made available in the autumn term, meaning that spring term fitness card holders are eligible for a discounted fee for any three sports courses in the autumn term.
  • Exceptionally, all exercise classes are sold as individual courses with pre-determined quotas based on the size of the premises.

Please note:

  • Those who attended sports courses in the spring are not given priority in enrolment for the autumn term or guaranteed access to similar or as many sports courses.
  • No other reimbursement for the cancelled spring term will be given.
  • The difference in course fees is also not reimbursed if the course fee in the autumn is less than the course fee for the corresponding course in the spring.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, outdoor activities subject to a fee will also be made available in the autumn in addition to indoor activities.

Check out the autumn 2020 sports course enrolment instructions and schedules here >>

The sports courses for the autumn 2020 term will be published target group specifically in early August, at the latest.

The period of validity for multi-visit cards and monthly pass cards for City of Helsinki Sports Services’ swimming halls and sports services as well as Urheiluhallit Oy’s multi-visit cards, monthly passes and 120-day season passes will be extended by the time corresponding to the time that the services were closed.

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