Survey: Tuusulabulevardi

Influence the planning of Tuusulanbulevardi

In the future, Mäkelänkatu will be continued, and the motorway converted into a street. The current neighbourhoods will be connected. The aim is a functional city in which people feel comfortable.

What do you think the environment of Tuusulanväylä and the Käpylä station region are like at the moment? What could they be like in the future? We hope to receive responses from anyone spending time in or visiting the area, including residents, employees, students of all ages, and anyone else familiar with the area.

The survey allows you to let us know which routes you use and what are your current favourite places. What kind of a neighbourhood would you like to live, go to school, engage in leisure activities, work, or carry on a business in on and after the 2030s? How could the current environment be developed and improved?

The responses to the survey are utilised in the planning and the preparation work of the zoning plan frame.

Please submit your response by 23 June 2019.