Snow ploughing / Veikko Somerpuro.

A mobile application for notifying of when to move your car due to street cleaning

The City of Helsinki now offers a mobile application called SiirtoSoitto to vehicle owners, through which you can order a reminder about the need to move your vehicle before snow ploughing or grit removal. 

SiirtoSoitto is a free-of-charge and easy-to-use application that tells users about upcoming street cleaning procedures by providing notifications about the need to move your vehicle in advance. 

If the user forgets to move their vehicle, SiirtoSoitto will make an automated last minute call before the vehicle is towed, potentially giving the owner enough time to move their vehicle and avoid the City’s vehicle towing charge. 

If the user’s vehicle is towed by the City, SiirtoSoitto will also provide the user with information on its location. 

SiirtoSoitto is available for iPhones and Android phones via the AppStore and GooglePlay. When setting up the service, the user can define the areas in Helsinki that they wish to receive notifications about. 

Benefits to vehicle owners and the City alike 

The SiirtoSoitto service was tested in the Meilahti and Taka-Töölö area last spring by a few thousand registered vehicle owners. Due to the positive reception, the pilot is now being expanded to cover the entire Helsinki area. 

SiirtoSoitto will remain in use at least until the end of 2019. At the end of the year, the City will assess whether it has the means to continue utilising the application in the future as well. 

Due to data protection reasons, the personal data of users who participated in the SiirtoSoitto pilot last year could not be retained, which means that these users will have to register to the service as new users. 

The application’s potential benefits to the City and users were demonstrated in the pilot carried out last spring. During the pilot, use of SiirtoSoitto reduced vehicle towing by 80% compared to vehicle owners in the same area who did not use the service.

According to the City’s estimate, use of the application resulted in 170 fewer towings during spring street cleaning in the Meilahti and Taka-Töölö area. Based on feedback received, users were also satisfied with the service. 

Tools for forecasting 

In addition to SiirtoSoitto, the City of Helsinki offers a text message service that notifies users of streets from which vehicles need to be moved on the day before cleaning. 

The launch of mobile applications supports the City’s objectives of facilitating the digitalisation of public services. SiirtoSoitto and the text message service are effective tools, but the City cannot guarantee their functioning under all circumstances. 

Street cleaning that requires vehicle owners to move their parked vehicles is announced with signs placed on streets scheduled for cleaning at least two days before the cleaning is set to begin. The street signs urging vehicle owners to move their parked vehicles are always non-appealable. 

Any cars that are still parked on marked streets when street cleaning is set to begin are towed by the City, in which case the vehicle owner is usually charged a towing fee. 

SiirtoSoitto was developed by Twenty Hexagons Oy by commission of the Urban Environment Division. 

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