Photo: Repairs underway in Ressu’s attic floor, photo by Veli-Pekka Lehtinen.

Ressu Upper Secondary School returning to Kalevankatu in January 2020 – repair needs more extensive than expected

It has become apparent during the ongoing modernisation of Ressu Upper Secondary School that the building is in need of more extensive repairs than previously expected. As such, the completion of the repairs will be delayed. Based on the current estimate, upper secondary school pupils will be able to return to the modernised school facilities on Kalevankatu in January 2020.

Ressu will continue to operate in Laakso (Lehtikuusentie 4) for the duration of the modernisation.

The return to Kalevankatu is being delayed because the ongoing modernisation has revealed repair needs that were not known back when the modernisation began. Back when the surveys and investigations to support the planning of the modernisation effort were conducted, not all of the school building’s structures could be opened or reached due to the building still being in use at the time.

Completed in 1892, the Ressu Upper Secondary School building is one of the oldest school buildings in Helsinki. The ongoing repairs are part of a large-scale modernisation effort that involves renewing building services installations, improving the building’s energy-efficiency, repairing facades, windows and the roof as well as modernising the facilities in a way that supports the operations of the school and pupils’ learning.

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