Parklet. Photo: Janne Koivisto / Helsinki City

Rental payments on restaurant terraces cancelled until June

The City of Helsinki has also made the decision to waive rental payments on uncovered restaurant terraces between the period 1 April and 31 May 2020. 

The move was considered necessary because of the coronavirus situation, which will likely keep Helsinki’s restaurants closed until the first of June.

The decision applies to all of Helsinki’s uncovered terraces and parklet terraces, i.e. parking spaces that are temporarily repurposed for use as a terrace. At last count, there were 359 such spaces in the city.

The rental payment waiver will not apply to the four areas the city has leased out for use as covered terraces. Kiosks that sell food and groceries will likewise have to pay rent as usual, as the restaurant ban does not apply to their operations.

Rental payments will be cancelled automatically, so parties renting such space need not contact the city about the matter. It is not necessary to dismantle restaurant terraces during the ban, but the terrace furniture should be removed or stored so it cannot be used, and the areas should be kept tidy.