Roadwork in Hämeentie. Photo: Lauri Hänninen

Helsinki invites you to participate in improving roadworks

The City of Helsinki has opened a survey to encourage anyone interested in developing roadworks to share their experiences and ideas. Additionally, the City has launched a new website.

Helsinki started a project to reduce nuisance caused by roadworks earlier this year. The aim is to make the execution of roadworks smoother and faster and to improve the ways in which information about them is provided to residents.

The City is looking for new solutions to reduce the impact of roadworks on the lives of residents and make transportation around construction sites easier and safer. Helsinki invites anyone interested in improving roadworks to participate. As of today, residents and those visiting Helsinki can fill out a survey about their experiences regarding roadworks.

”We want to know how you feel about commuting or walking near roadworks sites, whether temporary signs are functional, whether work sites seem safe and orderly and whether residents have any ideas on how communications about roadworks could be improved,” says Communications Manager Heikki Mäntymäki from the Urban Environment Division.

The City is utilising service design to improve experiences around worksites. The City of Helsinki is conducting work site experience development together with Pentagon Design. The online survey has been published on the brand new website. You can also use the site to monitor the progress of the roadworks improvement project. It contains comprehensive information on ongoing roadworks as well as relevant links.

Go to the improving roadworks website

Take the survey