New section of Veturitie and the Teollisuuskatu tunnel opened to traffic on 8 October

The years-long Keski-Pasila development project will reach an important milestone when the new traffic connections in Pasila, i.e. the Teollisuuskatu tunnel and a section of Veturitie, are opened to vehicle traffic during the day on Tuesday 8 October 2019.

When approached on Nordenskiöldinkatu from the south, Veturitie opens to the north along the new route that runs under Tripla. The newest section of Veturitie to the north of Tripla runs along the western edge of the railroad until it reaches Iso Paja on Pasilankatu. 

Most of the traffic near Iso Paja at the intersection of Veturitie and Pasilankatu will be directed to Veturitie. The intersection will be equipped with traffic lights. There will be changes to priority, i.e. those coming from Pasilankatu will have to yield.

The pedestrian cycle routes will remain in their current locations in early October, and the new routes will be opened on 17 October, which is also when Tripla will be opened.

The pedestrian and cycle routes are scheduled to open later than the vehicle routes to ensure safety and to allow for the finalising touches on Tripla. The area around Tripla will need to accommodate deliveries and construction site use in late October until the shopping centre, new station and public transport terminal are opened on 17 October.

“More than three thousand people work in the area. They are finishing and decorating the premises and moving stock into the shopping centre around the clock,” says Project Director Päivi Ahlroos from City Executive Office.

Traffic management systems such as barriers and systems related to traveling below Tripla will be tested in early October. 

The entrances to the Tripla parking facility will be located on Firdonkatu and Tornikuja in Pasila, and opened on 17 October.

The Pasila public transport terminal – i.e. the bus and tram stops located on Pasilansilta bridge in front of Pasila station – will be commissioned in the early morning hours of Thursday 17 October. The finishing work in front of the station will not yet be complete, which means that people will have to travel via alternative routes at first.

Important dates for Pasila

8 October The new section of Veturitie and the Teollisuuskatu tunnel are opened to traffic.
17 October Tripla opens and some of the pedestrian and cycling routes are opened.
17 October The new Pasila station is opened.
17 October The Pasila public transport terminal –  bus and tram stops outside the station – is commissioned.
21 October New public transport routes are opened.
21 October The additional western track, or track 11, is commissioned at Pasila station.

Guide maps of the new routes

Map 1: New vehicle traffic routes in Pasila from 7 October
Map 2: New pedestrian routes in Pasila from 17 October
Map 3: New cycling routes in Pasila from 17 October

Pasila station, Tripla shopping mall and Music Museum Fame to open on 17 October