Metropolia’s Myllypuro Campus nears completion.

Metropolia’s Myllypuro Campus nears completion

The second phase of the Myllypuro Campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences was handed over to the client on 17 October 2019, marking the end of construction. The university of applied sciences will commence campus-wide operations in January 2020, when the number of students will reach 6,000.  

The Myllypuro Campus has been developed by the City of Helsinki for use by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Metropolia has begun to furnish and to equip the new facilities for operations to commence in January 2020, when the public spaces of the campus will also open to the public.  

“It feels good to have this extensive and long-lasting project at this stage. The planning of the campus began in 2012. The planning, coordination and implementation of the project has involved a vast amount of people representing diverse stakeholder groups. Together they have produced a magnificent campus,” says project leader Simo Hoikkala

“Now we are installing equipment, furnishing spaces and bringing information and communication technology to the facilities. We’ll all be moving, assuming control of the spaces and learning a new type of operation culture together,” he continues. 

Campus for Builders of Well-being

Metropolia has operated in the A-building of the campus since last January. The A-building was the first part of the campus completed. From the beginning of 2020, the Myllypuro Campus will house all of the university of applied science’s social services and healthcare studies as well as real estate and construction–related studies, altogether approximately 6,000 students. Accordingly, the campus has been named the Campus for Builders of Well-being. 

The Myllypuro Campus is part of Metropolia’s years-long project to focus operations from tens of sites to four campuses located in Arabia and Myllypuro in Helsinki, in Myyrmäki in Vantaa, and in Karamalmi in Espoo.

Myllypuro Campus seen from Ring Road I in summer 2019. Photo: Metropolia.

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