Aerial view of the area of Lentoasemanpuisto in Malmi. Photo credits: Voima Graphics / City of Helsinki.

An international competition to be held to find ideas for Lentoasemanpuisto in Malmi

The site of the former Malmi Airport is going to become a recreational area open to the public. Hopefully, the idea competition for Lentoasemanpuisto will generate some innovative proposals that observe the unique cultural history and nature value of the area. The competition starts on 11 May 2020.

The City of Helsinki is holding an open international ideas competition for the design of Lentoasemanpuisto on the site of the former Malmi Airport. The purpose of the competition is to find innovative and inspiring solutions that are also technically and economically feasible. Lentoasemanpuisto is set to become the central park of the new neighbourhood and it will carry great significance for the identity of the district, which is still taking shape.

Lentoasemanpuisto to become a high-quality recreational area

The master plan for the site of the former Malmi Airport is based on a comprehensive green network which connects the unique characteristics of the area, such as runways, the open landscape and long vistas. The connections to the green areas nearby will be improved and a new green connection to Kivikko will be built. 

The competition is held to find a vision that combines the cultural history, nature value and ecological diversity of the area in a unique way.

The park is going to become a new and inviting recreational destination, which will attract visitors from all over Helsinki. The competition is organised to create a high-quality park in terms of landscape architecture for versatile recreational use for both the current and new residents of Malmi, says Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment Anni Sinnemäki, who also works as the chair of the jury.

The park design is also used to guide the temporary use of the former airport area, even though the area will only be completely finished in the 2040s. Both the current and new residents of Malmi will be able to enjoy the fruits of the competition, because the design ideas will be utilised in the design of both the temporary and final use.

Competition entries can be assessed and commented on towards the end of the year

The competition will start on 11 May 2020 and it will be organised in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects, MARK. The competition materials will be published at

A public event on the design of the park is planned for late summer for residents assuming that public events can be held again that time.

The competition period ends on 6 November 2020, after which residents of Helsinki will have the chance to learn more about the competition proposals and comment on them in the Kerrokantasi service. The competition results will be published in spring 2021.

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