The new Kontula park and its skatepark. Rendering: WSP

Construction of Kelkkapuisto park in Kontula goes underway with water management

The versatile events and activities park for the whole family in Kontula, Kelkkapuisto, will be rebuilt to comply with contemporary standards. In compliance with the suggestions of park users, the park will be complete with an international-standard skatepark. The street basketball court and the crushed-stone field will be renovated, and the surrounding forested area will be equipped with disc golf targets for the purposes of familiarizing people with the sport and giving them opportunities to practice.

The Kelkkapuisto park is located in Kontula. In the north, the park borders on the Porttitie road and, in the west, on Kontulantie. Other neighbours of the park include housing areas with a variety of housing types comprising single-family, row and town houses as well as multistorey residential buildings. The area covered by the plan is approximately 12 hectares.

The current operations in the area include a field surfaced with finely crushed stone for ball sports, a dog park and a ski track in winter. The former asphalt-covered skatepark is no longer in use, as old and dilapidated structures have been removed.

The main objective of the park plan is to upgrade the Kontula skatepark. New park functions, spatial solutions and capacities will accommodate large-scale events and concurrent parking.

The current asphalt field will be replaced with an international-standard skatepark with a total area of 2,500 square metres. The skatepark design is by landscape architect Janne Saario, who has special expertise in skateboarding.

The current street basketball court and the ground-stone field will be renovated. The park furniture will be replaced, and the plans for the area include a drinking fountain and event electricity supply. The lighting of the skatepark will be replaced, and new lighting will be built on upgraded park paths.

The crushed-stone field will be fenced off with a ball barrier, which will include a graffiti fence. The spectators’ area bordering the field will improve the area usability and pleasantness. Grassy surfaces will be strengthened to comply with the requirements of event parking and possible festival activities.

The skatepark design was completed in interaction with users and local residents. Young people have commented on the outfits and general image of the skatepark in particular. They have shown high interest in the project from the very beginning.

“Construction at the site has been launched with water management operations. The construction of the skatepark will go underway in May 2019 and will take 1.5 years to complete. Dead and dangerous trees and shrubs will be removed from the whole park area. The management of the forested areas complies with Helsinki’s current nature management plan,” says project leader Jouni Sivonen of the City of Helsinki.

The park contractor is the City of Helsinki in-house construction company Stara.

See park plan (PDF 5.2 Mb)


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