Information on services in Malmi Hospital’s Building 2 as renovations start

Renovations will take place in Malmi Hospital’s Building 2 (street address Talvelantie 6) starting from 15 October. The renovations will affect the hospital’s services. Emergency services will continue to operate as usual. Patients arriving in emergency care will be received at Malmi Hospital throughout the renovation period.

Emergency services
Emergency services will continue to operate as usual. Patients arriving in emergency care will be received at Malmi Hospital throughout the renovation period.

The Emergency Department serves patients in need of urgent care when the local health stations are closed. The Malmi Hospital Emergency Department primarily serves patients over the age of 16 from eastern, south-eastern, north-eastern and northern Helsinki. In urgent matters, care is provided regardless of the patient’s place of residence.

From Monday 14 October 2019 onwards, the laboratory will be located in the B Wing of the entrance floor, in the facilities previously used by the Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic. Queues may be longer during the laboratory’s relocation, from 11 October to 16 October. You may avoid the queues by having your tests taken in other HUSLAB locations. Referrals will be valid in all HUSLAB locations. The laboratory will be open as usual during its relocation and during its operations in the temporary facilities: by queue number system Mon–Fri 8:00–14:45 and by appointment Mon–Fri 7:00–14:45.

X-ray imaging
X-ray imaging will only be carried out for the hospital’s patients and patients in emergency care who have a referral to a plain bone X-ray examination due to a suspected fracture. Other patients will be directed to basic X-ray imaging in other HUS Medical Imaging locations.

Imaging by appointment will mainly be carried out in other locations. However, ultrasound examinations and computed tomography will be carried out in Malmi. Patients will be informed of the location for their examinations in the appointment letter or when making the appointment.

Internal medicine
Starting from October 2019, Malmi Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic will operate in Herttoniemi, at Siilikuja 1 (former Herttoniemi Health Station). 

Assistive device services
Malmi assistive device services will move to Laakso Hospital on 1 November 2019. In the future, assistive device services are provided in the unit at Laakso Hospital, open 8:00–16:00 on weekdays and 8:00–18:00 on Wednesdays.

Assistive device loaning and Orthosis Outpatient Clinic
Lääkärinkatu 8 S, Building 4, floor 1
Telephone service +358 (0) 9 310 475 89, Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00

Returning and maintenance of assistive devices
Lääkärinkatu 8 V, Building 4, ground floor
Telephone service +358 (0) 9 310 468 37, Mon–Fri 9:00–12:00

The hospital’s entrances will not change. The renovations will be carried out inside the hospital building in restricted sectors. As such, they will not affect parking areas or any routes outside the hospital.

Floors are about to be dried and renovated

In 2016, moisture was discovered in the concrete floor tiles of Building 2 in Malmi Hospital. After the test renovations and drying processes are completed, the renovations to the hospital building will start on 15 October 2019.

The City of Helsinki will be in charge of the renovations. The floors will be dried and floor materials changed in all areas with excessively damp concrete tiles. We are currently comparing the qualities of various materials and selecting the suitable material for the floors.

According to the test drying and renovations, drying the concrete tiles of a single floor may take a year, at the maximum. The selected surface material affects the duration of the drying process.

According to the indoor air analyses made, the humidity measured under vinyl floor membranes does not impact the indoor air in the hospital. The moisture of the concrete tiles has weakened the vinyl floors’ attachment to the surface.

Building 2 of Malmi Hospital was constructed in 2014.